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Ferret Requirements

The Ferret meeting browser requires recent versions of the following:

  1. Microsoft Internet Explorer running on Windows.
  2. RealOne media player from (=> RealPlayer => click on "Download the free realplayer only").
    Click the following link to make sure you can hear and view audio/video content: Play the Test Audio Clip
  3. SVG Viewer from (free download).

    You should see 3 animated images immediately on the left.

    If you do not see this, your SVG plug-in has not been installed properly!

    Return to the download page for installation instructions.

If you are running on Unix or Linux, you will not be able to use Ferret at this time. The only alternative is to use the simpler SMIL-only meeting playback system.

If Ferret is not working properly on Windows, try updating with the latest versions of RealOne and the SVG viewer.

There is a known bug in Ferret which causes the video windows to be cropped incorrectly when first displayed in the upper frame. The workaround is to slightly adjust the width of your browser. Another option is to press F11 twice.

Your Internet Explorer browser should allow JavaScript, popups and cookies, usually set as default. In case you have troubles, go to Tools => Internet Options.

Configuring RealPlayer on Windows

On Windows, you must use RealOne, because this server notices you are using Windows and dynamically generates SMIL presentations that assume you have the latest version of RealOne.

Download RealOne from You must go through several pages that try to sell the premium player, but keep looking for the smaller links on the right to find the free player.

Important: After launching RealOne in Windows, go to "Tools/Preferences," then click on "Hardware" in the left-hand Category section, and then move the "Video Card Compatibility" slider all the way over to the "Most reliable" side. If you don't do this RealOne may frequently crash!

If RealOne crashes in Windows, it can remain in memory and prevent you from restarting the player again. To use it again, you must find the realplay process in the task manager, select it, and "End Process."

Configuring RealPlayer on Unix

On Linux and Solaris you must use RealPlayer 10. If you do not have RealPlayer installed, you may need to contact your system support or install it yourself. The freely available version of RealPlayer10 for UNIX machines can be downloaded from

On IDIAP Linux machines, RealPlayer 10 is available from /com/softs/RealPlayer10/realplay
The system has been tested on Linux with Mozilla, Galeon and Netscape.

After launching RealPlayer10 (e.g. from the command line), go to Help / "Mime Type Plugin Install..." to configure all your mime types properly.

Browser Configuration (both Unix and Windows)

If your browser does not automatically launch Real player when you click on a video image or play button, then you probably need to add the MIME type "application/smil" to your browser configuration.

In Mozzila, for example, go to Edit / Preferences / Navigator / Helper Applications / New Type. Then provide the path to realplay to associate with the mime-type "application/smil." For the file extension, use ".smil"

On Unix systems after launching RealPlayer10, go to Help / "Mime Type Plugin Install..." to automatically configure the Mime types.

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